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About My Studio

Adi Lev Styling

started as a creative adventure in 2015, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Sparked by my passion for style, design, and sustainable fashion. I began by designing seasonal concepts and changing themes, styling, and creating for the needs of fashion ateliers.


Initially focusing on projects targeting brand identity and elements for hospitality businesses, my focal point in the past 6 years has evolved to the interior styling of living spaces in apartments, homes, and other private spaces in The Netherlands, Israel, and Morocco.

I also function as a personal shopper/buyer, for privates or commercial businesses.

The variety of styles is mirrored by the diversity of my clients, and the cultures I grew up in and formed and shaped into.

Each design is a unique and intimate expression of their vision and vibe.

I work in English, Dutch, Hebrew , and Spanish.


I can enter a project at various stages of the process. Either creating it with you from Zero, or adding that extra last touch it requires. 

Adi Lev Styling

Design Amsterdam
Design Amsterdam
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